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I started seeing Georgiana earlier this year for a combination of distance and in person reiki sessions. Post covid recovery with other health ailments had made me anxious and burnt out with exhaustion. However, just one single distant session with Georgiana was enough to get me back on track. Subsequently every session - in person and distant and has only enhanced my journey in recovering both physically and mentally. Georgiana is very kind and gentle who listens and seems to understand exactly what is needed. Every session has made me stronger. As I continue to see Georgiana, I highly recommend Georgiana to anyone looking to regain and enhance their physical or mental well-being.

Vidya, London

My daughter was suffering from tic disorders and she used to have lots of movements in her neck, eyes and fingers. As I’m not interested in chemical treatments I was looking for a natural way to treat my lovely daughter, so I started to search for energy healers and how lucky I was to find Georgiana. Honestly I couldn’t believe it after only one session my daughter felt so much better and by the second session all the movements disappeared. I do want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for being so kind and caring. I’ve started mine own treatment and my unknown back pain is relieved. She’s got healing hands and I highly recommend her.

Mehrnaz, Reiki client London

Georgiana has an amazing gift. A reiki session with her will leave you feeling completely rebalanced as she treats you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. She is incredibly professional and you walk away from a treatment feeling relaxed, energised and incredibly peaceful.

Penny, London

Georgiana has supported me in my journey recovering from major surgery due to cancer. She has been the trigger in restoring my mind and body through her channelling of energy, giving me a great sense of peace, restoring my life force. Again I can face the world. Thank you.

Marilyn, Client requiring Reiki Healing in London

I have been seeing Georgiana from towards the end of lockdown-present, for a combination of distance and in person-sessions, and the difference is phenomenal. Prior to seeing her, I was so anxious I could barely eat, struggled to do mundane tasks such as take a train, etc, and I was in a near constant low-mood. However, due to Georgiana, I am now feeling such a tangible difference in my mood and anxiety levels. And I know that it will just continue to improve. She truly has a gift.

Ally, Reiki client in London

The moment Georgiana put her hands on my shoulders, I felt an unmistakable charge of hot energy from her hands. I relaxed immediately and drifted off thanks to the combination of warm energy coursing through my body and the gentle notes of the CD. Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing experience in itself, but the benefits are both extraordinary and long lasting. The treatment released blockages in my body, leaving me feeling a tremendous sense of well-being, as well as lighter and freer. I couldn't recommend Georgiana more highly - she has a real gift in those healing hands.

Gerry, London

I've never experienced anything like it in my life. I went to see Georgiana as a last resort when searching for an alternative option to every other treatment and therapy I had exhausted over the year to find some kind of relief for my neck issue, which had left me with chronic pain and discomfort and constant shooting pains and numbness down my right arm. From the first session I knew this lady was truly gifted and over the following months she changed my life, mood and sleep. The instant relief I felt was truly amazing and I have recommended her to family and friends who are now seeing her for personal treatments.

Wil – Reiki Treatment Client, London

I have been seeing Georgiana for over two years now and have found her treatments transformative. I initially saw her due to suffering from very bad lower back pain which after a few sessions was healed. Now I see her for my own well being and find her treatment, and the treatment of the crystal bed a complete reset for mind, body and soul. I wouldn't be without her now.

Nina – Reiki and Crystal Bed Treatment Client, London

Wonderful Georgiana, the pain in my hips has completely gone. I feel so much better and also slept like a log! Thank you very much.

Jenny – Reiki Treatment Client, London

Luca’s eczema has more or less gone now, and turns out he doesn’t have any nut allergies - I believe your healing did both!

Ruth, Client requiring distance Reiki Healing Treatment

Amazing, I don’t know what you did but I can’t stop sleeping! Fell asleep on bus and asleep when home! Didn’t wake till 8am and could go on sleeping! No need to say, I had a good nights sleep!! Thank you. Cold gone too! So you really did make me feel better! Look forward to seeing you again in much need no doubt.

Jenny, Reiki Treatment Client, London

Just to let you know my head didn’t hurt for the first time last night and I felt more like my former self which I didn’t quite recognise at first. I slept well too and felt very relaxed. Thank you!

Marie – Reiki Treatment Client, London

My regular visits to Georgiana were the only way was able to cope with one of those most challenging years of my life. Using her healing hands and the crystal bed, Georgiana has cured my debilitating headaches and tinnitus, calmed my anxiety symptoms, rebalanced and recharged me with positive energy and always settled occasional more 'mechanical' flare ups in my back, legs and feet. I am confident that life without having met her would have been 100% harder - all this plus she is just a general joy to be around, I always look forward to seeing her and I always feel better when I leave.

Gina, Reiki and Crystal Bed Treatment Client in London

I was recommended to see Georgiana to help with pain I was experiencing whilst waiting for a hip replacement. Not only did her Reiki Healing Treatment help with the pain but it also had a significant effect on my state of mind. After even just the initial session, I found a sense of calmness came over me and I managed to relax and feel more peaceful about my impending operation and several other complications in my life at the time. I have recommended Georgiana to several friends who have also appreciated and benefitted from her healing.

Kim, Fulham, London

Before I went I spent all night worrying about going. I expected an faux ethereal person in flowing robes. With the full generalised other worldly (batty) persona. But I was surprised to see a normal forthright person. And for once alternative healing worked. No mumbo jumbo. I am a convert. Lost sleep for nothing. Highly recommended. This lady is good and sincere. To her Reiki is a vocation not a job.

Benjamin, Reiki Healing client in London

Before I met Georgiana I had been suffering with tennis elbow for more than 15 years. After my first session I was surprised how much the swelling had gone down and the sharp pains had disappeared. Our second session was really powerful her energy is very strong and I am very grateful for the work we doing. My elbow is so much better and not causing me any problems like before. I would recommend her to world. She is amazing.

Danny, Reiki Customer, Fulham London SW6

Reiki with Georgiana was wholly new to me, but my shoulder really was hurting and it had been for the whole of the last year. After 3 months of physiotherapy I had had no pain relief at all; zero. The doctor's threat to jab me with a sharp vial of cortisone or something worse hung over my head, or shoulder at any rate. I was spurred on to try a new alternative method and rang Georgiana who's quiet confidence and gentle manner sorted it out. No promises but lots of hope, as is the way with health. Now there is no pain at all after the very first hour of Reiki and a top up session a week later helped more. It will need a bit more going forward but I now don't think about it constantly and I feel it will heal, not just go away. Bravo Georgiana and her healing hands of Reiki. I'm looking for other aches and pains to sort out!

James, London

Terry, my beautiful dog was in so much pain that he was rigid. I had not slept for days and the Vet, after many treatments said there was nothing more he could do. Terry was frantically chewing his foot so much it was bleeding. I was made to feel by my Vet it was my fault that I could not stop him. I was desperate and felt I had no where to turn. I found Georgiana’s website and she came round straight away. Within ten minutes Terry was much calmer and more relaxed. She visited again a few days later and Terry responded even quicker and became very relaxed and stopped chewing his foot, I was also helped and felt calmer and able to sleep. I took Terry to a new Vet who discovered he had an infection in his leg and he has received treatment and is back to his normal self again, but so much calmer than he was before. Georgiana was truly wonderful and Terry and I could not have managed without her

Deborah, Wandsworth, London SW12

I had chosen Georgiana because of her powerful healing energy. On my second visit, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Crystal Light Therapy. After hearing the story behind it, I was quite excited to give it a go. I found that, together with Georgiana's energy and that of the Light Crystal Bed, I had the most unimaginable experience. I had problems with my knee before this (amongst my other problems), but not anymore it may appear. After about twenty minutes into my session, I started feeling a light tickling sensation on my knee, not once but twice. I did not think much of this. I stood up and felt fully energised and what felt like a spring to my step. I walked so much faster and even sprinted for transport straight after. When once my knee felt hot to touch, now it is as cold as my other one. Once in a while I have an odd sensation in my knee but no discomfort. I have since had another session with Georgiana and the Crystals and am pleased with my amazing experience. Now I am looking forward to more.

Shalene, Crystal Bed Treatment Client, Putney, London

I came to see Georgiana for my first Reiki session when I was 6 months pregnant and both the calming and strengthening effects on both me and my bump were astonishing. My mind, body, emotions and spirit all felt so clear and together and I felt an amazing sense of calm and happiness after I had seen her. Where pregnancy can take a toll on a woman's body, I felt that with Georgiana's Reiki, my mind and body has been channelled in a positive way to respond to the physical and mental changes happening in my body and helped me stay strong, positive and healthy, and also find energy but also relax helping me reducing any anxiety I had over the birth itself. I truly believe Georgiana has a very special gift and can channel life force energy flow through the palm of her hands to balance and heal the energies within the body. I couldn't recommended anyone more highly.

Chloe, London

Georgiana was highly recommended to me by another professional in the holistic therapy industry. I have been seeing her for a few weeks now and cannot imagine living without my Reiki sessions. I found Georgiana to be lovely, friendly and easy to talk to. I enjoy and benefit immensely from my sessions with her, I noticed I feel "lighter" (psychologically) and importantly, my adenomyosis has improved significantly. I would highly recommend Georgiana to anyone looking for a Reiki healer.

Maria L, London based Reiki Healing client

I wasn't sure what to expect when I had my first Reiki session with Georgiana, but her warmth and professionalism instantly put me at my ease - I knew I was in good hands. Personally, I find her work incredibly powerful and I always leave feeling super relaxed and full of peaceful energy. Georgiana's skill is extraordinary and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Vicky, London

Frosty and Milly were so relaxed during the Reiki sessions - Frosty laid down and Milly sat very still. Milly is usually hyper-active and I was really surprised how still she kept while she was being treated. For the next few days, I noticed that the dogs were much calmer and not as agitated as usual. The territorial barking habit also improved. I would highly recommend Reiki for dogs.

Rebecca, London

Just a quick email to let you know that I felt amazing after the last reiki session. Completely different to last time. I wasn't ill at all. Just feeling full of energy and positivity. Thank you! I was wondering if you had availability for next Wednesday? I think I'm addicted :)

Gráinne, London

I am so grateful to have found Georgiana, she has completely transformed my stomache issues with her incredible and undeniable healing hands. Her sessions recharge and rebalance your overall mind body and spirit. I feel such a sense of happiness and calm when I leave her sessions. The benefits are Instant and lasting I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Alice, London

I am using my finger without even wincing in pain. Looks like your magic worked again. I am so grateful to be able to use my finger again.

Reiki client in London

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Georgiana is a published author. Her book, Dear Isobel, gives a raw yet inspirational account of the trauma of losing her first daughter and her journey to come to terms with the loss.

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Before I met Georgiana I had been suffering with tennis elbow for more than 15 years. After my first session I was surprised how much the swelling had gone down and the sharp pains had disappeared. Our second session was really powerful her energy is very strong and I am very grateful for the work we doing. My elbow is so much better and not causing me any problems like before. I would recommend her to the world. She is amazing.

Danny, Fulham London SW6

I tried Reiki because I have trouble sleeping and calming my mind down. I found to my astonishment that it released quite a bit of stress and really calmed me down, thereby giving me a good night’s sleep. When I visit Georgiana she explained the treatment would help clear any negative energy or negative thoughts one might have and can help heal emotional pain too. This worked for me and my stress levels have significantly reduced with regular sessions.

Kate, London