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“I had chosen Georgiana because of her powerful healing energy. On my second visit, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Crystal Light Therapy. After hearing the story behind it, I was quite excited to give it a go. I found that, together with Georgiana's energy and that of the Light Crystal Bed, I had the most unimaginable experience. I had problems with my knee before this (amongst my other problems), but not anymore it may appear. After about twenty minutes into my session, I started feeling a light tickling sensation on my knee, not once but twice. I did not think much of this. I stood up and felt fully energised and what felt like a spring to my step. I walked so much faster and even sprinted for transport straight after. When once my knee felt hot to touch, now it is as cold as my other one. Once in a while I have an odd sensation in my knee but no discomfort. I have since had another session with Georgiana and the Crystals and am pleased with my amazing experience. Now I am looking forward to more.”

Shalene, Putney, London

Georgiana’s reiki and crystal treatment sessions are having an amazing effect on me. They are de-blocking energies on all levels and life is back in flow. I am moving with ease through the day where before it was a grind. The sessions are very pleasant starting with a talk about latest developments, followed by the reiki and crystal treatment and a debrief. Each session creates different sensations, all are powerful and revitalising for several weeks. The effects are clarity of mind, increased focus, more awareness and consciousness. Georgiana runs the sessions very professionally and with a wonderful human touch. Something to look forward to as a way to improve life, spirituality and health. I am very grateful to be treated by her and her amazing ability to channel the energies of the universe to me. Thank you.

Christopher, Reiki and Crystal Bed Treatment Client in London

My regular visits to Georgiana were the only way was able to cope with one of those most challenging years of my life. Using her healing hands and the crystal bed, Georgiana has cured my debilitating headaches and tinnitus, calmed my anxiety symptoms, rebalanced and recharged me with positive energy and always settled occasional more 'mechanical' flare ups in my back, legs and feet. I am confident that life without having met her would have been 100% harder - all this plus she is just a general joy to be around, I always look forward to seeing her and I always feel better when I leave.

Gina, Reiki and Crystal Bed Treatment Client in London

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Georgiana is a published author. Her book, Dear Isobel, gives a raw yet inspirational account of the trauma of losing her first daughter and her journey to come to terms with the loss.

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I have been seeing Georgiana for over two years now and have found her treatments transformative. I initially saw her due to suffering from very bad lower back pain which after a few sessions was healed. Now I see her for my own well being and find her treatment, and the treatment of the crystal bed a complete reset for mind, body and soul. I wouldn’t be without her now.

Nina, London