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Distance Healing

Reiki Distance Healing

If you are unable to visit to me in person at my London treatment rooms, then Reiki Distance Healing is just as powerful. The wonderful thing about Distance Healing is that you don’t have to lie still waiting for something to happen, although it can be very relaxing to do so and I would recommend it. You can carry on with your daily life and I will send it whether you are at work, or playing sport and you will benefit from the Reiki session.

A fine example of successful Distance Healing is when my daughter was at university. I used to get a phone call, usually on a Saturday morning, asking me to send some Reiki! An hour later she was as right as rain!

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“As a result of being in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have just completed my first distance healing session with Georgiana and it was a huge success. I was a little unsure as to whether the experience would be the same as being physically in her treatment room but in my opinion it was equally as effective. I will definitely continue these sessions as I get so much from them and they are particularly helpful in these challenging times.”

Sarah S – Distance Reiki Treatment Client, London

Distance Reconnective Healing

As with Reiki, Distance Reconnective Healing works in exactly the same way – even from the other side of the world! There is no difference in the effect between being at a session in my London treatment rooms or receiving Distance Reconnective Healing sessions. This is a quantum modality. The Reconnective frequencies are light and information, so there is no weakening over distance.

Unlike Reiki, I like people to actually take 30-45mins out of their day to lie quietly and experience the session.

If you would like to experience a session of either Distance Reiki or Distance Reconnective Healing, I can speak with you or email you when I am going to start, and then again at the end to discuss what your experience was. A photo of yourself can be helpful but not necessary for the session to benefit you.

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