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Reiki for dogs

Reiki for Selkie the dog at the Belgraves Hotel

Reiki can hugely benefit dogs

Friday 4 December, 2015

Did you know, Reiki can hugely benefit dogs, because unsurprisingly dogs are very like us. They react in a very similar way to us emotionally, and can suffer from stress and anxiety.

So to illustrate this I was asked to give Reiki to this Timeout journalist who was staying in a top 1st class hotel. BUT the reiki was for her puppy who was 5 months old, and the reiki was part of the Hotels package from Pets Pyjamas to de-stress dogs!

Between you and I, I did wonder whether if even Reiki would be able to calm a puppy down, so I was a little apprehensive to say the least.

There was something rather surreal about being in a hotel room with a journalist, and giving reiki to her dog who was lying on the unmade bed! What was even more difficult was answering questions about how I got into healing whilst administering reiki to Selkie! The cynic would have argued that Selkie, who was very happy to be given attention of any kind, was just doing what any pup would have done. BUT, to the professional eye, he was undoubtably relaxing within a few minutes, and very much moved to a natural position where he wanted me to place my hands. A significant sign of the Reiki having an effect, was Selkie beginning to lick his private parts. This is due to the hormone Oxytocin being released and giving off a smell that Selkie wanted to investigate. After about 20 mins of Reiki, Selkie moved away showing me that he had had enough. He was only a 5 month old puppy, and even I could tell that he was well relaxed and calm.

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