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Reiki Tennis Elbow

Reiki treatment for Tennis Elbow.

Reiki Session helps with Tennis Elbow

Friday 5 May, 2017

I was delighted to receive this wonderful testimonial from one of my clients.

Danny came to my London Reiki treatment room having endured years of discomfort and pain as a result of tennis elbow. I arranged for him to receive an initial reiki session and, following such a positive result from this, we arranged for a second reiki session. I’m delighted to say that Danny is now feeling better than he has for over 20 years!

“Before I met Georgiana I had been suffering with tennis elbow for more than 15 years. After my first session I was surprised how much the swelling had gone down and the sharp pains had disappeared. Our second session was really powerful her energy is very strong and I am very grateful for the work we doing. My elbow is so much better and not causing me any problems like before. I would recommend her to world. She is amazing.”
Danny, Reiki Customer, Fulham London SW6

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