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Reiki Treatment Adenomyosis

Reiki session helps with Adenomyosis

Tuesday 12 February, 2019

A woman came to see me at my London Reiki Treatment Rooms in the middle of November last year with a condition called Adenomyosis. This is a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus which can cause cramps, pain in the tummy and heavy bleeding.

She told me that she had been suffering from constant pain and continual bleeding for the last year making her feel exhausted and causing her low mood.

During her first Reiki session there was a lot of activity with the energy focused around her tummy and pelvic area which she felt. After this first Reiki session, she told me that her body purged for the four days following and then within a week the pain in her tummy had gone and she has not bled since.

During her second Reiki session, when I placed my hands over her tummy there was a lot of cramping and pain which can happen as this is the healing taking place. The same also happened when I put her under the crystal lights. She told me that she could actually feel the energy doing something and it was intense.

By December there was a massive improvement in all areas of her life. The pain that had been fairly constant had gone and the bleeding had stopped completely. Her periods are now regular and she has gained clarity and is much more positive. 

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