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Reiki helps with sports – supporting body and mind

Monday 10 December, 2018

Reiki sessions can provide support for those taking part in sport, both professionally and as an amateur. The reiki treatment sessions, that I provide from my treatment room in Fulham, London, can help support both body and mind providing the base to approach the activities with clarity of thought.

Reiki supporting the mind

Many sports can produce a level of stress, pressure, emotion or nerves that can affect how well you can perform. Reiki is an ideal mental support during training to help relieve the stresses and pressures, providing clarity of mind to focus on your true ability in your sporting challenge.

I believe that my Reiki sessions can help you prepare mentally and deal with any pre-performance emotions incumbent with an event or competition. It is also a wonderful support in dealing with the issues of self-doubt and low confidence, especially if you have had a short run of poor form. My Reiki sessions have a calming and reassuring sense on the mind, helping to lower your stress levels and enabling you to re-focus and boost your overall confidence.

Reiki supporting the body

Reiki Sessions can help the recovery of a range of sports injuries. The deep feeling of relaxation that can be felt during a reiki treatment session, coupled with the sensation of heat that can be experienced helps to sooth and speed up the healing process on the affected parts of the body.

I must say that although a Reiki session is highly unlikely to actually make you win or lose, I believe that it can support teams and individuals to be better prepared for their training and competitions, both mentally and physically.

If you are a Sportsman or Sportswoman, or indeed a manager of a team, and would like to discover the benefits of reiki sessions for yourself, please give me a call or come to visit me at my London treatment room.

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