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Reiki helps with Achromatic Clavicular Pain

Thursday 23 May, 2019

I was recently visited by a new client at my London Reiki Room who had been suffering from Achromatic Clavicular Pain. Having undertaken other medical treatments and being assessed for potential surgical intervention, He wanted to try alternative treatments. He had been recommended to try my Reiki treatments via a friend and he has very thoughtfully written to me to let me know how well the Reiki has worked for him.

Here is what he kindly wrote about the reiki treatment:

“I had been diagnosed with achromatic clavicular pain; cortisone injections hadn't worked and surgery was the next step. I am a fairly rational analytical person, but I do believe in giving the "benefit of the doubt" as there is much in life we can't readily explain (I had previously found I was responsive to acupuncture). The first treatment encounter came socially across the lunch table, but those 15 minutes readily persuaded me to return for a proper reiki session with Georgiana. The improvement was pretty immediate and after several sessions, the pain has completely gone. Based on this, I have decided to have a monthly reiki treatment session on the basis that Reiki (certainly as delivered by Georgiana) deals well with niggles from age and sporting injury etc. and holistically leads to a general uplift in mental and physical wellbeing.

I have happily recommended Georgiana's reiki services to friends, who likewise have been pleased at the outcome.”

F Peckham, Reiki healing client in London

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