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Reiki - Helping with Life in London

Friday 29 July, 2016

Life in London, like most major cities across the world, can be a pressured and stressful one. Mostly, people can lead their day-to-day lives coping with these pressures without too much trouble. Reiki practitioners believe this is thanks to the body’s natural gift of being able to heal itself and its natural self-regulating process, homeostasis. 
However, there are times when the body’s instinctive balance can be thrown off level and the natural healing mechanism is not quite able to keep up. For example, if a person experiences an unexpected and deep stress, or a more prolonged stressful event. If these events are left unaddressed it has the potential to cause health issues in all areas such as physical, mental or emotional.
This is where Reiki can offer a natural solution and help restore the body’s natural equilibrium.  By receiving Reiki treatments from my London based treatment rooms, I can help reduce the effect of stress which will, in turn, free the tension from your body leaving you more relaxed and energised. 
For people in living London, being able to have access to a professional Reiki practitioner helps them through their more stressful times and helps them cope with a fast paced London life. I have seen many people at my London clinic, from areas including Fulham, Chelsea, Kensington and Notting Hill, with a range of physical conditions, many of which can be attributed to the hectic and pressured pace of life, that have all benefited from Reiki treatment.
In addition to the physical pain that can be as a result of stress and pressure, I also receive a large number of people seeking Reiki treatments for a range of conditions that are caused as a result of physical trauma. For example, I have treated a fractured ankle and a knee injury caused by a skiing accident. 
I am delighted to say that my Reiki treatment has been of great benefit to a wide range of people living in London. If you feel that you have an aspect of your life, be it back pain, stress or a physical injury that would benefit from some Reiki sessions, please get in contact with me and visit my London Clinic in Fulham SW6, and I will be pleased to help you.

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