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Reiki for anxiety and worry

Reiki gives relief for pre and post surgery anxiety

Wednesday 30 August, 2017

I was delighted to have received this heartwarming letter from one of my recent London based Reiki clients who had come to visit me both before and after a serious surgical procedure. It is letters like this that confirm the healing power of Reiki.

“In my opinion, Georgiana Monckton is an amazing, warm and caring woman who is full of empathy. She possesses extraordinary reiki abilities and powers that have really helped to heal my tangible injuries and repair the damaging effects of emotional and psychological trauma.

I have visited Georgiana many times this year for Reiki treatments, initially seeking help for anxiety and worry pre-surgery to remove a suspected brain tumor and also for an acute back problem. This was then followed by regular visits, over the past 5 months, for post-surgery healing of body and mind.

Georgiana begins each session by enquiring how I have been recently. Then while lying on the treatment table, her hands sometimes gently touching, sometimes very near, emit mild heat and evoke a pleasant tingling within the area she is focusing on. I often experience a series of different sensations during the sessions, from a relaxing, calming and peaceful trance like state, to highly energizing feelings, like there is a strong energy current flowing in and out of my body. During the sessions, I am conscious of an intense and profound connection to Georgiana which, along with the sensations I experience from the treatment, stay with me for many days afterwards.

The environment Georgiana has created in her lovely Fulham home is calming, comfortable and feels like a safe refuge from the world outside. I always leave with a huge smile on my face, and feel like I am floating, light as a feather, euphoric and brimming with energy, positivity and happiness.

My recovery from surgery, both physical and emotional, have been much quicker than predicted, which I can only put that down to the remarkable healing powers that Georgiana is able to channel. I have no idea how it works, but I am undoubtedly more physically robust, spiritually peaceful and happy as a result of her Reiki treatments.

I recommended Georgiana to a friend who is struggling with cancer, and she has also expressed similar, very beneficial and positive results, therefore I would encourage anyone who is suffering with health, physical or emotional problems to visit Georgiana for Reiki treatment.”

Nick, Reiki Treatment client based in London.

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