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Reiki Treatment for Stress

I treat clients that suffer with stress at my Reiki Treatment Centre in South West London, SW6.

Reiki for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Monday 7 September, 2015

As the normal person goes about his normal day he can withstand a certain amount of stress and bounce back. This is because the body has the natural ability to heal, and a natural self-regulating mechanism which is called homeostasis. In this day and age though, there are many opportunities in life that can upset the body's balance meaning the natural ability to heal has been compromised. When someone experiences sudden intense stress, or stress that is on-going, if not addressed it can cause health problems in all areas - physical, mental and emotional.

This is where I can help you, by giving you a Reiki treatment which can help lessen the impact of stress which will in turn release tension from the body leaving you relaxed and energised. Is this not what all you busy people out there would like? Especially after the children have gone back to school!

On a serious note at the most simplest level Reiki can help because when the body is relaxed, the natural process for the body is to move toward his or her unique balance in mind body and spirit.

One of the things that people can get confused about with Reiki is that it is NOT a massage, but it has the same relaxing benefits. When I was in Sarajevo earlier this year I was giving Reiki treatments to many war veterans and there was one client who thought she was getting a massage from me. She was disappointed when I told her that Reiki was a hands on therapy! When the session was finished she felt wonderfully relaxed and energised to the point that she was surprised.

Come and find out for yourselves whether you think she was right. To book your Reiki session at my South West London treatment room call 07831 346607 or complete the form to the right.

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