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Reiki for Babies

I provide Reiki for Babies and Infants at my London Reiki Healing Centre.

Reiki for Infants and Babies

Monday 3 August, 2015

From my Fulham Reiki Healing Centre in central London that I run from home, I welcome all ages from infants and babies to teenagers and adults. Reiki can be very beneficial to newborns bringing with them their own unique individuality and special needs. Even as little as a week old, some babies can show signs of stress, such as colic or general agitation and fussiness. At first glance this can seem harmless, but continuous anxiety at such a young age can have a negative affect on a baby.

Babies are very receptive to Reiki/energy therapy. As they have no preconceived ideas and have not developed any emotional defences that can block Reiki. Babies and infants are so open to Reiki, and because of this and their size, a session can last as little from 10-20 minutes depending on their needs.

My practice in Fulham SW6 is relaxed, friendly and calm. Parents who walk through my door instantly feel as if they are literally "at home". Parents of newborns especially need to feel that they are not being judged, and that they can open up and be themselves. I am a mother so I can remember those early exhausting days. Quite often Mum will also pick up the Reiki energy just by being in the same room, or by holding their baby. This in turn will relax and benefit both Mother and baby.

Reiki can help babies sleep longer and more restfully. Sooth a baby with colic, help with teething pain.

Reiki allows infants to relax and be calm helping them to be happy and healthy. It also helps parents by reducing stress allowing them to focus on what is really important - raising a beautiful family.

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