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Reiki for healing sprains, aches, torn ligaments and breaks

Thursday 19 November, 2015

I would like to share with you some recent experiences I’ve had where Reiki has been helping with aches, sprains and bruising.

A great deal has been written about how Reiki works, and so I just wanted to share a few experiences when I have treated quite a few people with physical complaints and Reiki has benefited their ailments.

The first story relates to a lady who had suffered a terrible injury to her knee while skiing. She had her knee in a brace and was waiting to have a scan done to see if an operation was needed. She was in considerable pain, and I offered to give her some Reiki. (She was a friend who happened to be staying in the same house party.)

Throughout the weekend, I gave her sessions of Reiki to her knee which helped with the pain, but also relaxed her whole body. 

I never heard from her again, until I bumped into her at another party about a year or so later. She bounded over to me, and told me that her knee had healed so quickly, according to doctors, that she did not need the operation! I was so pleased for her that the Reiki had quite clearly helped. Or maybe it was sheer coincidence....

The second story relates to client who came to me with a fractured ankle, which she had injured about 10 days before. Again, it was very sore and swollen. I placed my hands on her ankle for about 45 minutes and the heat surrounding the injury and coming from my hands was extraordinary (I am feeling tingles in my hand as I am writing this!). When the heat died down, I took my hands away, and it was the first time that she had seen her ankle bone since having fractured it. A couple of days later she kindly wrote to tell me that the pain had subsided hugely and that he ankle was so much better.

I have chosen to share the experiences of these people with you, because I truly believe it shows how Reiki can benefit physical pain and injury. A lot of people are unaware about how much Reiki can help on every level whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

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