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Reiki for injury pain

Physical benefits of Reiki for injury pain relief

Tuesday 21 June, 2022

Reiki is well documented as being of great benefit to people physically, as well as supporting their mental and emotional wellbeing.

It’s natural that there will be times throughout life where your body will experience aches, pain and bruising through injury. This discomfort need not always be treated by taking medication, as Reiki can be just as effective in some cases.

Reiki helping with knee injury pain

I have been blessed with being able to use Reiki to help many people who have suffered with aches and pains caused by physical injury.

One example of this concerns a client who, whilst enjoying a skiing holiday, unfortunately had an accident which caused a serious injury to her knee. Naturally, she was taken to hospital for her initial treatment, which resulted in her having to wear a brace.

She was suffering a great deal of pain whilst waiting for a scan to discover if she needed to have surgery on her knee. I met her at a party so had the time to speak with her at length about her aches and pains from the injury she was feeling, so I offered to give her Reiki treatments to help ease the pain.

Each of the Reiki sessions, which were done over the course of a weekend, lasted for around an hour and helped to ease the discomfort in her knee. I was pleased to hear that the Reiki sessions also helped to relax her entire body and gave her a deep sense of peace and wellbeing.

Around a year later, I was speaking with her again and she said that her doctors had told her that the knee injury had healed amazingly quickly. So quickly in fact, that she hadn’t needed to go through the operation at all.

I was delighted that she felt the Reiki sessions had not only helped with her pain relief but had maybe also helped the injury heal in such a short period of time.

Reiki healing for ankle fracture pain

In another example of using Reiki to support the recovery from an injury, I had a client visit my Reiki treatment rooms in London who had fractured her ankle 10 days before.

She lay on the treatment bed, and I took a look at her ankle, I was shocked to see how swollen it had become and could only imagine how much pain she must have been in.

The reiki session started by helping her whole body relax, then I continued the reiki session by placing my hands on her fractured ankle for about 45 minutes. During the reiki treatment, I was astonished to feel the amount of heat coming from the ankle injury but also coming from my hands. It was absolutely extraordinary!

Once the heat from the reiki treatment had subsided, I took my hands away. My client looked down at her ankle and she was truly surprised by the results. She said that it was the first time that she had seen her ankle bone since fracturing it!

A few days after her reiki session, my client very kindly wrote to me saying that the pain she had been feeling in her ankle had receded and she was feeling so much better. It is always very satisfying to hear that I have been able to help someone in a time of need.

I hope these examples show how Reiki can truly help with the relief of physical pain and injury.

I truly believe it does.

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Georgiana has an amazing gift. A reiki session with her will leave you feeling completely rebalanced as she treats you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. She is incredibly professional and you walk away from a treatment feeling relaxed, energised and incredibly peaceful.

Penny, London

Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing experience in itself, but the benefits are both extraordinary and long lasting. The treatment released blockages in my body, leaving me feeling a tremendous sense of well-being, as well as lighter and freer. I couldn’t recommend Georgiana more highly - she has a real gift in those healing hands.

Gerry, London

Georgiana has supported me in my journey recovering from major surgery due to cancer. She has been the trigger in restoring my mind and body through her channelling of energy, giving me a great sense of peace, restoring my life force. Again I can face the world. Thank you.

Marilyn, London

I tried Reiki because I have trouble sleeping and calming my mind down. I found to my astonishment that it released quite a bit of stress and really calmed me down, thereby giving me a good night’s sleep. When I visit Georgiana she explained the treatment would help clear any negative energy or negative thoughts one might have and can help heal emotional pain too. This worked for me and my stress levels have significantly reduced with regular sessions.

Kate, London