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reiki for foot pain

Reiki treatments for foot pain.

London Reiki Practice Helping Ease Foot Pain

Monday 10 October, 2016

I would like to tell you about a recent case where a woman came to my Reiki Practice in Fulham, London, telling me that she had broken her foot about 3 months prior, but was in constant pain because they had set it wrong. So, although the foot had healed from the break, she was still in constant pain in various different places around her ankle and foot. 

She told me that she had been having physiotherapy, but it seemed to be making her foot worse. She had had Reiki once before, a number of years previously for something else, and remembered that it had helped her enormously at that time, so that’s how she came to be knocking at my door in London, SW6.

I decided to just concentrate on her foot, rather than giving her a top to toe session, as this was really her only issue. Although I was going to be only treating her foot, the energy ends up going to other areas of the body that need help.

I combined Quantum Touch with Reiki as the two combined are very powerful, so this meant that, through regular breathing techniques and resonance and entrainment, her vibration met mine providing a perfect space for her own healing to kick in.

I gently held her foot and could feel the searing heat in my hands as the process got underway. Sometimes the pain will get worse and move to different places. I remember her pain went up her calf, and so I followed the pain as if chasing the pain away.

After the first Reiki session, her foot was much less painful and she was able to walk on it much more easily. She came to me for another session and much the same thing happened as before, except this time her foot became very swollen and became even hotter after she went home, as she told me just before her third and final session. 

As she sat telling me this, I explained to her that this was the way her foot was healing, which as we began her third session it became evident that her foot was totally healed and did not actually need any more treatment. This is an example of how the body is able to heal itself by visiting somebody who will help you get into the right space in order to heal. 

Across London, there are so many people that could benefit from the healing that Reiki sessions can bring. If you have a foot, back or any other pain then give me a call and I can help you recover. 

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