Coping with Anxiety

Friday 23 October, 2015

Most people have at some point experienced anxiety. This is usually caused by problems we encounter throughout life. These may be small or large, but the affects are the same. A feeling of panic or fearfulness about situations we have to deal with. Problems such as money, family, relationships and work just to name a few, can trigger an attack. This can be treated in many ways and one of them is Reiki healing.

Reiki Healing for Anxiety, as I have previously written in my blog, a lot of people suffer from anxiety which can manifest in many ways. A client e.mailed me wanting to know whether Reiki could help with her anxiety. The poor woman suffered so badly it would make her physically sick. Her job was incredibly stressful and was making her feel worse and worse. She started coming to see me and would leave each session feeling relaxed and calm. For the first few times however after a couple of hours she felt a little worse again.

This is called a healing crisis and is the body's way of healing and detoxing. I encouraged her to carry on with her sessions, and week after week there was a marked improvement. After about 6/8 sessions she looked and felt a different person. Challenging times at work proved effortless, and she said that her queasiness had gone. Her thinking was clearer and that nothing seemed to faze her like it used to. So  here is just one example how Reiki can help.

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Dear Isobel


Georgiana has an amazing gift. A reiki session with her will leave you feeling completely rebalanced as she treats you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. She is incredibly professional and you walk away from a treatment feeling relaxed, energised and incredibly peaceful.

Penny, London

Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing experience in itself, but the benefits are both extraordinary and long lasting. The treatment released blockages in my body, leaving me feeling a tremendous sense of well-being, as well as lighter and freer. I couldn’t recommend Georgiana more highly - she has a real gift in those healing hands.

Gerry, London

Georgiana has supported me in my journey recovering from major surgery due to cancer. She has been the trigger in restoring my mind and body through her channelling of energy, giving me a great sense of peace, restoring my life force. Again I can face the world. Thank you.

Marilyn, London

I tried Reiki because I have trouble sleeping and calming my mind down. I found to my astonishment that it released quite a bit of stress and really calmed me down, thereby giving me a good night’s sleep. When I visit Georgiana she explained the treatment would help clear any negative energy or negative thoughts one might have and can help heal emotional pain too. This worked for me and my stress levels have significantly reduced with regular sessions.

Kate, London