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Crystal light therapy in london

Celebrating a Year of Crystal Light Therapy in London

Wednesday 24 October, 2018

How time flies! It’s now been a year since I was lucky enough to take delivery of my Crystal Light Therapy bed, and I must say, I have been delighted at how well it has made my clients feel. I would like to share some of the experiences people have had using Crystal Light Therapy in my London Treatment Room. To understand what Crystal Light Therapy is and how it works, please have a read of my previous blog: Crystal Light Therapy in London.

The Crystal Light Bed Therapy Experience

I like to describe the Crystal Light Bed Therapy as a wonderful process to rebalance the body’s energy so giving a feeling of true sense of calm. I combine the Crystal Light Bed Therapy with a Reiki Session where many clients have seen a noticeable benefit, both physical and emotional.

Quite often my clients have their own personal experience and rarely are two people the same. I have a client, who at the time, was experiencing knee pain,  and she described the Crystal Light Therapy as if someone was in the room with her touching her knee to help sooth her pain. In fact, although no one was with her at the time, it was an incredibly relaxing experience.

Another client had a very different experience with her Crystal Light Therapy whereby she felt that there was heat and energy sweeping up and down her body, producing a gentle tingling sensation. The feeling of heat or cold are often two opposing reactions that my clients may feel during their Crystal Light Therapy Session, but in either case a true sense of calm and relaxation is felt.

One client even said to me that the Crystal Light Therapy Session was “sucking all the trauma out of her”, which is a wonderfully relieving sensation.

Over the last year, the Crystal Light Bed has helped many of my clients, particularly when combined with a Reiki Session. I am delighted that the inclusion of the Crystal Light Bed to my treatment room has proved to be such a success, and I’m looking forward to helping many more clients in the years to come.

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