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reiki for acute osteoporosis

A Testimonial: Reiki helps with Osteoporosis

Friday 15 February, 2019

My name is Caroline Lee and I live in London.

I cannot recommend Georgiana Monkton’s Reiki sessions highly enough. This Inspiring woman has a gift like no other. After she cured a trusted friend, I was thankful to be introduced to her.

I was suffering from acute Osteoporosis and had been since my early 50s. Now, after over 17 years later of pain, she came to my rescue.

When she gently walked me into her consulting room and laid me down, I could barely speak for pain.

During the Reiki session, Georgiana laid her hands on me for 45 minutes. The Heat that came from them was extraordinary, and my whole body seemed to melt into a calmness and feeling of Safety, diffusing the pain.

At the end of the Reiki session, I was able to stand on my own, unsupported, and the overriding blessing is... 

I have had NO PAIN WHATSOEVER from my Osteoporosis since that moment. Not even a twinge.

My family and friends are aghast, knowing the deep pain that followed me all these years.

I now for the first time run, exercise and am fitter than I have ever been, and I am 69 years old... completely pain free.

What Georgiana can offer... no other doctor or amount of medication had managed to come even near.

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