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Dear Isobel

The feelings I went through from diagnosis to death and beyond, were so profoundly powerful and strong that I was left reeling. I went to look for a book and was surprised and shocked when there was very little about child Bereavement. That's when the idea of writing about my own experience sprang to mind. Not only was it going to help other bereaved parents, but also to educate friends, family and the masses.

Sadly through bad marketing, Dear Isobel was pulped, and to me she had "died" for the second time because the publishers never told me.

20 years later and in the digital age, I have republished Dear Isobel on Amazon UK. I wanted to show people how the passage of time really does help with the grieving process. To also help people understand why I do Reiki, and that it was through Isobel that I learnt that I had a true ability and gift to heal. Hopefully it will illustrate how something so tragic can bring with it a different awareness of life, which for me has turned her death into something positive.

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